New Beginnings

June 18, 2013

A word of warning: What you are getting into here is raw and uncensored. This blog is not for you; it’s for me. See, that’s why the others didn’t work. I was trying to blog about things that my audience (however small it was) might find useful or entertaining. That’s not what this blog is for. This blog is a place for me to get personal, to rant, to laugh, to cry, to express my feelings. If you’re here expecting to see me recreate the works of Shakespeare or share vaunted words of wisdom, you’re going to be disappointed. That isn’t to say that guests aren’t welcome, mind you. If you are willing to put up with me, then you’re welcome to sit a spell. Just know that what I put here is what happens to be on my mind that day. You’re welcome to comment, or not, and I may or may not deign to respond.

If you really want to get to know me; the real me, not the one that I share with the world, then stick around. The ride will be interesting, to say the least. For those who don’t know me, my name is John and I’m a 40-something white middle-class American living in South Mississippi. I am happily married (25 years) and share living space with five cats. Oh yeah, and I live with depression. I also share consciousness with my darker half. I keep him chained in a locked room, but he still manages to get a word in once in a while, so if you see a statement that seems odd, or perhaps a little dark, well, that’s probably just him. Don’t take what he says to heart.

I do not post every day; just when I have something I want to talk about it. Sometimes I will be verbose, other times I will be very laconic. Some days, you may get two or three posts in a day. The only thing that is off-limits is my relationship with my wife, by her request. I will not discuss intimate details of our life. I also will not reveal anything that I have been specifically asked by someone to keep a secret. Aside from that, the gates are open and well, we’ll see what happens.

Today is Monday, June 17, 2013. My mood is tolerable. The weather is cloudy, and the current time is 9:32 PM.

All things considered, after the weekend from Hell, things went well today. The kitchen is reasonably clean once again, I’ve made the macaroni for the cook-out tomorrow, and I’ve successfully moved all of the food back into the new freezer. About the only thing that didn’t go right was the fact that I still haven’t been authorized to download PDFs at Paizo (as a newly-appointed Venture-Captain, that’s one of the boons), but since the guy that normally handles that was on vacation, I’ll give him until mid-week to get caught up before I pester him. For now, all is quiet as I await my wife’s return from work. I relish these peaceful moments, all too rare these days.